April 27th 2022

We spoke to our partners PrecisionBiotics about gut health, and their products which have an exclusive NHS discount

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If you are struggling with a sensitive gut, PrecisionBiotics focus on discovering the best bacterial culture for each specific gut action. NHS Staff members can save 20% off orders using our discount code. We spoke to PrecisionBiotics about all things Gut Health….

Are you not feeling your best? Taking some simple steps to improve your gut health could have a beneficial impact on your overall wellbeing, mood, comfort and energy levels.

Aim for Variety - Our gut microbiome loves variety in the form of plants. Eating 30 different types of plants per week (think fruit, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds and herbs) is a treat for our gut and is something we can work towards to improve our microbiome.

Improve Water Intake - Maintaining our hydration levels helps our gut function. Consider keeping a water bottle nearby to drink throughout the day and look to include foods in your 30 per week which have a high water content e.g. cucumber, spinach, melon or apples.

Focus on Fibre - Along with variety and hydration, thinking about adding fibre to your diet can help with the function of our gut. If you’re not sure where to start, try switching white rice and bread for brown rice or granary options. Think about wholemeal pasta and leaving on potato skins.

Great food ideas for gut health - Need some extra ideas for foods to add into your diet? Fermented foods like live yoghurt, sauerkraut, kefir or kimchi. Bananas, a great way to get your fibre-fix, one large banana has over 10% of your daily intake. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale - try adding them to smoothies, salads, curries and soups to boost your intake. Whole grains like oats, rye or millet. Green Tea, filled with good for you polyphenols.

Digestive issues are common than we might assume - in their lifetime, 43% of people will suffer from a digestive issue (Guts UK). Some people can experience increased digestive problems through increased cortisol and adrenaline brought on from anxiety or times of stress. The increased presence of these hormones and chemicals can lead to digestive complaints. If that sounds familiar, the steps mentioned about are some things that you can try to introduce in the hope of re-balancing your system.

PrecisionBiotics offer 4 different supplements, each aimed at working with your gut and formulated with gut health in mind.

Alflorex® - Alflorex® Lets You Take Control of Your Gut Health. The unique live culture in Alflorex, 35624®, has been clinically tested by leading Doctors and Gastroenterologists to support your gut health. This naturally occurring 'good' bacterial culture is part of the family of bacteria given by mothers to babies at birth. This natural culture reaches your gut alive and thriving and with it’s properties intact.

Zenflore® - Zenflore is the world’s first and only supplement harnessing the unique 1714-Serenitas® bacterial culture. Combining the unique 1714-Serenitas® culture with specially selected vitamins, Zenflore provides support for mind and body through life’s daily challenges.

Immune - Our Immune system plays a key role in your health. PrecisionBiotics® Immune combines a targeted bacterial culture with extra strength vitamin D to support your immune system*.

SportsPro+ Perform™ - SportPro+ Perform™ is the world’s first and only sports supplement to contain the unique 1714-Serenitas® bacterial culture plus selected B Vitamins.

NHS Staff get 20% off orders from PrecisionBiotics. To access that offer and collect the exclusive discount code, click here.

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