August 11th 2023

They have a wide range of products, including UK’s No.1 Bladder strength supplement. NHS Staff benefits get 15% off Jude bladder strength supplements and save up to £11 on their first order!

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We know it can be a tricky situation, but fear not! There are some nifty ways and fantastic products, like those from Jude, that can make your work life much more manageable and comfortable. So, grab a cuppa, and let's dive into some friendly tips on how to handle incontinence!

Here are some top tips to consider: 

Stay Hydrated: It might sound counterintuitive, but staying properly hydrated can actually help manage incontinence. Avoiding dehydration can reduce the risk of irritation and bladder issues. 

Open Communication: If you're comfortable, consider discussing your situation with a supervisor or HR department. They can offer support and make necessary accommodations, ensuring you have the best work environment possible. 

Mind your Diet: Some foods and drinks can exacerbate incontinence. Pay attention to your diet and consider avoiding and moderating items like caffeine, spicy food and citrus foods. Keeping a food and drink diary can help to identify your bladder irritants but also help you put a meal and snack plan together. 

Stress Management: Stress can worsen incontinence symptoms. Find Stress-relief techniques that work for you, whether it's deep breathing, meditation or short walk during breaks. 

Choose the Right Products: Jude offers a range of high-quality incontinence products that are designed to provide comfort and protection. Make sure you select products that suit your needs, whether its pads, liners, leak-proof pants or our daily bladder strength supplement find what works for you.

Jude's Bladder Strength Supplements have been Urogynaecologist-approved and loved by 10,000+ customers who gained control and confidence. Jude’s powerful blend contains 96 pumpkin seeds in just one tablet. Kickstart your bladder strength with a 30-day supply today and download our Bladder Care Handbook which is your guide to regaining control!  

Remember, you're not alone in this, and many people manage incontinence while working successfully. Jude has an amazing community of 3500+ women who are going through a similar situation and are great at sharing their journeys so far, just search for Jude & Friends on Facebook to join the conversation! Jude products, combined with these tips, can help you navigate your workday with confidence and comfort.

Enjoy 15% off Jude Bladder Strength Supplements and save up to £11 on your first order! Get all details on how to redeem our exclusive offer here.

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