News, competitions and updates from the NHS Staff Benefits team.

  • March 25th 2020

    Supporting Health & Wellbeing with The Doctor's Kitchen

    We spoke to The Doctor's Kitchen and they shared with us some tips for eating and living well along with a simple, nourishing Spring Onion and Ginger Broth recipe.

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  • February 26th 2020

    CoppaFeel! to save your life

    Clare O'Neill, Healthcare Engagement Coordinator at CoppaFeel! on the tools they have created to support with breast awareness and their key recommendations

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  • 10 Steps you Can Take to Improve Your Sleep Health

    Lisa Artis, Head of 'The Sleep Council' on the vital role sleep plays in our lives and how to improve yours.

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  • 7 of the Most Unusual Properties you can Rent on

    An RAF observation tower, a former WWII bunker, a lighthouse keeper's cottage or a grand manor house?

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  • 5 tips to make the most of your travel money

    Booked your next getaway? Barrhead Travel have laid out the best ways to make your travel money go further.

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  • Discount Spotlight: The Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature With Forest Holidays

    How exactly does spending time in nature improve our overall wellbeing? We spoke to Forest Holidays to find out more.

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  • Discount Spotlight: What is TOTM Organic Period Care?

    We asked the team at TOTM to tell us more about their mission to make period care that is kinder to you & the environment.

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