May 8th 2023

We spoke to our partners WUKA to find out more about choosing the right Period Pants for you. They have a wide range of collections and fits so you will find something that works best for you. NHS Staff Benefits members can receive an 18% discount when shopping with WUKA!

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Why use period pants?

Here in the UK, we throw away 200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons every single year- and we flush a further 2 billion menstrual items down the loo too. That’s a lot of plastic-riddled menstrual products clogging up landfill and polluting our oceans and waterways. 

In contrast, one pair of WUKA period pants will stop 200 single-use disposables from causing any further damage to our planet. Not to mention the fact that the average menstruating person will spend over £4k on disposable products by the time they reach menopause. But if cared for properly, that same pair of WUKA will last for up to two years, meaning that you save you £2.5k but the time your period ends. 

WUKA period pants are discreet, comfortable and 100% leak-proof. They’re the perfect alternative to planet-destroying disposables, and safe to use from any age. So why use period pants? Perhaps the question should be why aren’t you using period pants? 

Know your flow

Knowing your flow is key when it comes to choosing the right pair of period pants for you. Choose from light, medium, heavy or super heavy- or pick a combination of all four, so you can mix and match according to how your flow fluctuates throughout your cycle. 

Super heavy flow period pants are great for anyone who needs to wear them to longer periods of time, when they can’t get to the loo as frequently. If you work shifts, these pants have got you covered, lasting up to 12 hours if needed. They’ll hold up to 60ml of blood, which is the equivalent of 12 tampons, or 8 pads. 

If you flow isn’t quite so heavy but you still need a pair that will last a little longer, go for heavy flow. These pants will hold up to 20ml of blood, or 4 tampons/ 3 pads.

Medium flow period pants are great for that part of your cycle where the flow has eased up, but you’re not quite through it yet- you still want the peace of mind and leak-free confidence.

Light flow period pants are perfect for spotting, discharge and lighter leaks. Great for the end of your period, or for days in between- a complete replacement for a pantyliner. 

Know your fit

You don’t have to wear big knickers when you’re on your period- although if you want to, you can! 

If you prefer more support for your tummy during your period (hello, bloating!) then we recommend a high waisted pair to keep you covered and protected against leaks. We also have a Boxer Short style that is super comfy and great for active shifts.

If high waist isn’t your thing, we’ve also got the Midi-Brief, Bikini Brief and Hipster Brief, which are all super comfortable and available in a range of sizes and flows. 

We also have a thong for the lighter days… who says period pants can’t be a little cheeky?! 

Once you know your fit, choose from a range of styles by browsing our collections. WUKA Basics are our lowest priced pants, but we also have a sensual Lace Collection, a funky Prints Collection and an innovative Stretch Collection too. 

The great thing about the WUKA Stretch Seamless is that they’re multi-sized, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ve ordered the right size- each pair expands to fit up to 6 sizes! 

The WUKA Flex Collection are also multi-size, and the Flex Bikinihas detachable straps that make changing them so much easier, especially if you have to do that at work in a small cubicle! 

How many pairs do you need?

A Cycle Set is a great place to start, and these are available in either 3 or 5 pairs. Most customers tell us 5 is the magic number, but it really depends how often you’re able to wash them. 

By the way, your period pants can be stored in a wash bag until you get home, then washed on a normal cycle with the rest of your laundry. As long as you skip the fabric conditioner and air dry them, they’ll stay good as new and ready for next time.

Don't forget NHS Staff Benefits members are being offered an exclusive 18% discount from WUKA - get all the details on how to redeem here!

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